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Groomer  Sabrina                        Mon-Fri       9am-4pm
                                                        Saturday    9:30am -4pm
                                                        Sunday       9:30 am - 4pm
  (310) 686-1625

South Park Doggie Daycare offers its guests as well as outside clients a full-service dog grooming & Spa!  Here at South Park Doggie Daycare we believe that dog bathing and grooming are very essential elements to the health and happiness of your dog.  Regular dog grooming not only keeps dogs looking sharp and smelling better, but also helps keep them healthier while very often reducing the risk of some diseases.

Our experienced, qualified and caring professional dog grooming staff provides full dog grooming and bathing services such as :

Brushing and Bathing: Your dog will receive a complete massaging brush down from nose to wagging tail followed by a warm bath.

We offer a premier bathing system that thoroughly cleans and soothes your dog's skin while removing all the dander from the coat.

Our knowledgeable dog groomer will select a premium shampoo and conditioner that they feel your dog will benefit from the most, based on your dog’s coat and/or breed.

If your dog requires special medicated shampoo please feel free to bring it along.  From the tub to the grooming  table your dog will get a brush blow-dry and a much deserved treat.
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Customer Reviews

Julee c. Los Angeles, CA
6/9/2010 I love this place. Who would of thought right in the middle of downtown, a Doggie oasis. The groomer is awesome, I take my Yorkie LuLu there and she always comes out looking beautiful. He has all kinds of different styles,and you can tell and loves what he does The prices are great.  I have not used the daycare yet but the dogs all look like they are having a blast, with plenty attention from the staff. Finding this place was dream come true. I had been driving down to Long beach for the past year cause I did not think I would find someone as good. Me an LuLu are very happy with the change. This place is A++++++, oh and did I mention the prices are great.

Angela T. Los Angeles, CA
Best shih-tzu groomer I've ever had the pleasure to allow groom my lil guy.  Shih-tzu's have a funny face, so with the wrong cut, they can seriously look ugly.  Gary's groomer, Ken, completely understands this, and knows how to trim a shih tzu's face to make him/her their cutest.  I have seen his puppy-cut and longer hair grooming skills, both are par.  Two thumbs up.

In short, great groomer, great vibe and energy, TRUSTED staff.  Highly recommend.
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Bath-Brush & Grooming
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Prices may vary based on size and hair length of dogs.
CALL (213) 747-3649 or
Groomer Ken Lim (323) 537-1932

ADD Daycare to any grooming service +$25 Small/Med   $30 Large

Self Wash -  $15 to $20 based on size (Sunday Only)
  Bath & Brush
Includes: ear clean, nail trim, & gland expression.
  •      $25 & up Smal dogs
  •       $30 & up Medium dogs
  •       $35 & up Large dogs
Full Groom, Bath & Brush
Includes: ear clean, nail trim, & gland expression.
  • $45 & up Small dogs
  • $55 & up Medium dogs
  • $65 & up Large dogs

  Single service and add-on's
  • Ear cleaning : $5
  • Teeth brush : $5
  • Nail trimming : $10
  • Gland Expression : $10
  • Medicated Shampoo : $5
  • Cologne : $5
  • De-matting : Long hair $20.00 / Medium $10
  • Flea bath : $5
  • Frontline Plus : $20-25

  • Bath & Brush $45 and up
  • Full Groom $75 and up     

All Prices are Subject to Change Without Notice