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Eric T.
    Los Angeles, CA

Had a great experience here! Brought Kylie (Alaskan Klee Kai) to stay for about a week while I was on vacation. Though she was a little intimidated by the other dogs at first, she quickly got used to it, and by the time I got back, she didn't even seem to notice I returned because she was having so much fun!

Staff is friendly and helpful, facilities are clean and well maintained, and the big dog area Kylie stayed in had plenty of room to run around. I even got a nice report card after detailing Kylie's activities and new friends. :)

Would definitely bring Kylie back!

Kristin C.
    Irvine, CA

They have COMPLETELY remodeled this place, with new floors so the dogs won't skid around, and have literally doubled the size of both the small dog and big dog rooms. There are also new private kennels behind doors. When I dropped my dog off for 6 nights at Christmas, I looked back to see a worker hugging and petting my rescue dog as she cautiously entered the big dog area.

Even though I've moved to the OC, this place is worth the drive and I will continue to brave traffic to have my dog stay here.

Lisa K.
    Los Angeles, CA

This place is awesome. I have a english bulldog & I've taken her here twice for weekend boarding & grooming. Gary is a outstanding owner and his staff is just as great. They are always so nice and sweet to me and my baby and are always so accomodating. I've watched the webcam they have available and I think its such a great tool to have for their clients. Its so refreshing and entertaining to watch my pooch interact with the staff & all the other dogs. Since they play and walk her multiple times during the day, I know the staff tired her out because she is always so pooped by the time she gets home! I choose to have her groomed as well, so she is always pretty and ready to go.

Of course any dog owner would be skeptical when they first start leaving their dog to strangers, but I gave them a chance and don't regret it one bit. I would recommend them anyday. :)

Omar B.
    Los Angeles, CA

We've taken our dog Lily here for three different multi-night boarding's and I (and our pooch) could not be happier with the service we've received.

This is a bit different than what you might imagine a kennel to be like. For starters, it's in industrial part of Downtown. Don't let that put you off, however, because it is spotless inside and there is lots of space for the dogs to run around and play. They have a variety of toys, balls, tugs anything else you can imagine that will make your dog go crazy. The cool part the staff actually plays with the dogs and gives them attention. All dogs get private walks throughout the day to give them a breather (at no extra charge).

Speaking of playing, Lily now knows what's coming so she gets very excited as soon as we pull up to South Park. She also comes home clean, happy and exhausted from whilin' out with all her friends.

They are very flexible and low-key about pick-ups and drop offs, which is nice since we live about 15 miles away. In fact, there are a ton of little things that they get right with the service, like how friendly all the staff are and the pictures they send to your phone daily. The owner, Gary, is almost always there and he takes pains to make sure you and your dog are totally comfortable.

We are definitely going back, I know Lily can't wait!

Jaion C.
     Los Angeles, CA

1) The owner/staff: I appreciate how after not taking my dog there after several months (due to a temporary relocation), they still remembered my dog!  (But who can blame them, my Tokkie is super cute.) The staff clearly love dogs and my dog loves being around them.  Plus, Gary the owner is very flexible which is great for me since my schedule can get pretty hectic.

(2) Facility: the place always looks clean and doesn't smell bad like other places that I've been to. Could the place be a little bigger?  Sure but the fact that they take the dogs out on walks more than makes up for it.  And I like the fact that there is a web-cam so that I can watch my dog play (although I wish the resolution could be better).

(3) Price: I did a ton of research and this place has one of the lowest prices in town. 

Accordingly, there is no better place for me to take my dog.  Mind you, I'm not one of those owners who (excessively) spoils my dog or "baby talks" with her,  but I love my dog and the fact that this place is not only comparatively cheap, but that the owner/staff love dogs and my dog loves them, this place is the best.

Jannet F.
Los Angeles, CA

This is the GREATEST place you could ever leave your furry child.  Gary, Amanda, Laura and their entire staff are awesome.  Gary the owner had no problem answering ALL billion and two of my questions and putting my mind at ease.  The next day I met with Laura the trainer and dog behaviorist who gave me al l the expert knowledge I needed to understand and teach my puppy.

I was a little apprehensive about leaving my extremely shy 9 month old puppy alone with all of the different variety of dogs they had running around, but they all got along just fine.  It was like leaving my furry baby with family.  Not to mention the facility was super clean, the prices are fantastic, and all of the dogs seem to be happy. It was a totally different experience from all of the other places I had been to.

Dogs were literally running into the kennel on their own with their tails wagging and tongues hanging out.  You have to see it to believe it. These people truly have a gift.  My puppy will definitely be back for many more wonderful days at South Park Doggie Day Care!

Shannon B.
      Los Angeles, CA

This is my first experience with a daycare & since we have a new puppy in the house, I am so happy to have found it!  Their prices are fair & they make me feel completely comfortable leaving my puppy there.  The facility is clean & each time I have picked up my pup one of the staff members are interacting with the dogs.  They now have a trainer on staff which is a great feature that I will take advantage of.  I have referred Gary & his staff to others & I hope they continue to grow their business.  It is so convenient to have this service so close to home & I appreciate the peace of mind while my pup is with them.  Keep up the good work!

Steven M.
      Los Angeles, CA

South Park Doggie Day Care is a home away from home for my dog, Winston.  He literally drags me there every morning and is a happy and sleepy pup when he comes home.  I bring him at least 4 days a week and also use them for boarding on my business trips. 

I trust Gary and his staff at South Park with all my heart.  The love they show my dog makes me confident that when I am working a long day I am not depriving him of the excercise and attention he needs.  Since I really don't have anyone else to watch my Winston, I don't know what I would do without them and their services.  

Since the very first day they have offered me the best.  They by far have the best prices on day care packages which include a free bath and even discounts on boarding. Given the tough economy they truly make things easier for all of us.

If you are considering daycare or boarding, look no further.

Oliver O.
     Los Angeles, CA

Since I recently moved to LA I needed a new day care facility for my dog Jax.  His former day care in Boston was top notch and it was hard for both of us to leave behind.  In a bit of a panic, I remembered that I had seen South Park Doggie signs and flyers all over downtown, after looking them up on Yelp and reading some of the great reviews I decided to give them a try. 

I called them to inform that Jax was up to date on vaccinations and wanted to check out their day care.  The owner was very responsive and quickly set up a time to meet and do a temperament test.  They gave him a thorough test to make sure he 'plays well with others', and now he's part of their gang on a daily basis. 

Since I live in downtown, I stopped by a couple times this week to check on Jax and see how he was doing.   Each time I saw the staff extremely engaged with the dogs, constantly playing with them, tossing a ball around.   They even take the dogs on occasional walks around the block too.

Jax has never been happier or more tired at night, he drags me to South Park every morning.  I'm very glad to have found such a great facility again with a caring, fully engaged staff.

Alice S.
      Encino, CA

I was refereed by one of my friends to South Park Doggie Day Care, my friend had told me that they had an awesome groomer who had done an amazing groom on their 50lb Doodle Marley.

I took my Maltese Maya who was extremely matted and needed a groomer who could work with her matted hair. I picked her up couple hours later and was taken away on how great she looked.  It looked like the groomer had spent a great deal of time making sure he had blow-dried the hair completely before giving her final cut.  She looked exactly how I wanted her to look, the groomers name is Ken and he is excellent to say the least.

Price was very reasonable and the staff was really friendly. While I was waiting to pick up Maya one of the staff girls gave me a tour of their facility, the kennel area was clean and orderless, the store section and the waiting room are very accommodating with a nice couch to relax and read a few magazines.

I will definitely bring Maya back for her next groom, and now I am even considering even leaving her there for the upcoming holiday weekend while I travel.

Source; City Search Reviews

Great Rates Excellent Service
by Andrew Foster at Citysearch

South Park Doggie Day Care is excellent. Good service, safe and fun environment for your dogs 24 hours a day. The staff is knowledgeable and has a very close relationship with each dog. By far they have the best deals in town, just compare them. $225 for 10 day care visits? That is a third of the price of my other day care. Great rates on overnight boarding, some even include a free wash. Even in tough times like this I can give my dog his play and fun he deserves with prices I can afford.

Pros: Clean and safe environment.

Simple and nice
by merchant762205 at Citysearch

Well I like this place, because it does not portray a fancy dog day care that is more like a money pit and a scam. I have owned dog for years and can tell you a dog does not need a slide bought from Toys R US. They do need attention, fun, and games; such as ball toss, tug ect. Bring your dog here if you want your dog to have a good time and come home tired. The place is awesome and the size is perfect for human and dog interaction

Pros: People who care

Source; Google Reviews

      Amazing Staff! - Mrs  Jan 11, 2011
I am so happy we found South Park! After extensive online research for pricing and reviews, we gave South Park a try. Over the past holiday weekend we dropped Betty off for her first night away from home since her adoption, she's really timid and shy, so I was a little worried about her, but when we picked her up, she was happy as a clam, and South Park reported that she was very playful with the other dogs, and even made a new best friend. Betty smelled like her usual self when she came back home and we didn't even need to give her a bath. The report card after her visit is just too cute. If the webcam was not enogh the owner sent us picutres to my I-phone and a description of her progress. We loved it! We have a long trip planned for the fall, and we're fully confident in South Park providing Betty with a good home while we're away. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone, especially with their prices being more than reasonable.

  Sleeping on a couch! - janet - May 18, 2009
  After moving from New Jersey to LA I was so happy to find a doggie daycare place close to my loft in Downtown LA where they can play cage free and even            better board cage free!   My Rosie is going back Memorial Day Weekend when I am out of town.  Good job guys!

  Dog's Day out for sure - crystal - May 21, 2009
  I love the idea that's a cage free boarding place, got a good deal on their 10 daycare package with obedience training.  Nice people over there and the groomer      rocks.

  I love them - Jerri - June 22, 2009
  I dropped my dog off to get a cut and a wash and they did a great job. I am so glad I tried them out.

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